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Prefab Coops
Everybody wants a prefab coop, because all the hard work has been done. All you have to do is add feed, water, and chickens and you're in business! If you go this route, rather than building your own coop or converting a shed, be prepared to shell out some big bucks!
Randall Burkey: a big selection of coops and poultry supplies.
Horizon structures: multiple coops and kits. 
Critter Cages: coops and aviaries.
Winecountrycoops builds custom coops and ships throughout the U.S.
Hen Spa: more than 10 types of coops and chicken tractors, Check out the Hen Hotel with rainwater collection system and solar power.
MGC Buildings: pre-built wooden, Quaker style chicken coops
Backyard Farming: stylish coops for suburban chickens.
Ponderosa Pines Wood Products: custom-built coops in the New England area
Lancaster Country Barns: Quaker-style chicken coops. 
Cedar Grove Outdoor Products: a wide variety of pet structures. Some of their dog kennels would make good coops too.
Stagecoach coops: chicken coop mobile stagecoach tractor. Very unique hoop buildings on wheels.
Mobile Chicken Coops: a full line of custom-built chicken tractors, DIY kits, coop plans, and accessories
Cockadoodle Coops: custom chicken coops. Cool, efficient design.
Eglu... holds up to 4 hens. They're cool, but expensive!
Portable Livestock Shelters: floating duck houses, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, greenhouses.
Find books on chickens and coop building at the Country Chickens Store
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More Coop Plans, Pictures
Ready Coop Downloadable plans for chicken coops good for 6-12 good article and picture. has pics of small, medium, and large coops 
Cyndilu... an excellent series of pics at this site. a chicken coop forum, with ideas & pics (recommended)... multiple hen houses (recommended)... 100 pictures of pens  
See the "Chicken-O-Rama" here. a few good pictures here pictures of coops more pictures
Cool "hoop coop." The design I originally chose, but didn't build.
Really cool chicken duplex.
Chicken-O-Rama, which extends on both sides of a shed.
All Cooped Up... How to build a chicken coop from scratch, including materials list and instructions.
Mother's Bioshelter Greenhouse... This quality greenhouse uses both solar and compost heat and houses rabbits and chickens, including structure, notes on construction, cross sections and floor plans.
Run, Chicken, Run... How to build a poultry enclosure with wood and chicken wire; includes instructions and pictures.
Build Chicken Coops... Excellent site showing 20 different coop designs, complete with pictures and plans.
Pallet Coop... step-by-step instructions with excellent photos.